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Jetlag NYC’s members Dolores O’Riordan and Ole Koretsky have been spotted enjoying a dinner in Kite Chinese Restaurant in Ballsbridge, Dublin, where they even sang some of their new music.

Fellow diner Philip Tobin said: “Dolores and Ole were having a great time. They were singing in the restaurant and we got talking to them.”

The very best part of this story is that, according to Tobin, the Irish singer is now feeling happier than ever. After going through some complicated moments in her life, she is believed to have found love again with the DJ and record producer Ole Koretsky, native New York and band member at Jetlag NYC. During the meal, Dolores and Ole had an enjoyable chat with Philip Tobin, and they even sang some of their new stuff. This pleasant singsong continued in the nearby Mary Mac’s Bar.

It is worth commenting, as an anecdote, that in a generous act of kindness and fellowship, Koretsky gave Tobin his jacket. An unforgettable evening for Tobin, we would assume.

Source: Irish Mirror