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Experimentation and roots, wood and metal, guitars and synthesizers, and a tireless search inside the most intrinsic of human feelings: Ole Koretsky is back with an EP made up of five songs in which he opens the doors of his inner world and invites us to accompany him on an incredible journey towards acceptance and learning. It could be said that, as a whole, this EP could be classified within the dark-wave genre, (it had to be DARK!), but taking a deeper look at it, each of the songs evokes a different state of mind or feeling and, in our opinion, there is an implicit movement that makes this music the perfect company for driving alone.

1. The One. 

A song with a very melancholic, even reflective feeling, which begins with some chords and light percussions with a strong reverb. Olé’s voice, in its lowest tones, is able to transport us into introspection. An introspection that, together with the lyrics, makes us wonder if you are really who you are expected to be, if you are good enough for somebody (“I’m not the way for you”, “I’m not the hope you need”). One may identify a kind of a feeling of disappointment with oneself, and at the same time, a desire to feel loved and to find that something you need, or someone to guide you (“look in my eyes and tell me that I’m yours”).

The central and final parts, almost completely instrumental, could well serve as a fascinating soundtrack for a movie or series (it makes us think of the “Dark” series – again D.A.R.K.!).

The track ends with an accumulation of sound elements, first chords, then an arpeggiated theme that is repeated in a loop, Olé’s voice reappears together with a new synthesizer melody, and everything is mixed in a very effective volume increase that comes to its end in a sudden manner, leaving the listener alone with the soft arpeggio and that unmistakable recording sound that evokes and transports us to those rainy afternoons in the 90’s when we took refuge in the solitude of our rooms while listening to old cassettes.

2. Signs of Life

Without any sight of doubt, this is the jewel in the crown in this EP. A duet song with TinaKristina, whose voice, soft and pleasant, contrasts with the rawness of the lyrics; feelings so inner that it sometimes becomes too difficult to find the words to express them. It could be said that this contrast is what makes this track so special, along with the lead melody, that is incredibly catchy.

It begins with the sound of a guitar that establishes the base rhythm in which the whole theme is sustained to give way to TinaKristina’s outstanding voice, which in its lowest register presents a unique voice quality.

During the stanza, both in music, lyrics and voice, there is a feeling of loneliness and dark melancholy (“I need you now, now more than ever”), which changes in the chorus to reappear brighter and more hopeful , where Olé’s voice joins the main vocals.

The bridge introduces one more contrast, it is actually so different that it could seem as part of another song, and be even used in other genres.

Personally, I would have liked if the lyrics changed at the end (“There’s something here, a sign of life”), thus it would have better matched that ray of light and hope that can be seen in the tune and in its instrumental, almost danceable ending. But perhaps, it would have been very predictable, so we will have to settle for the real title, which is in the affirmative mode, leaving the listener the possibility of that second interpretation 😉

3. Call it a Day

Due to the prominence of the instruments of “Call it a Day” it can be said that it tends towards a more alternative rock style, with a heavier presence of bass and guitar, and drums with that reverb that is so reminiscent of the sound of the eighties.

The low tessitura of Olé’s voice brings us reminiscences of Depeche Mode, especially during the stanzas, although in turn, it is perhaps the track that most closely resembles Koretsky’s previous work, a fact that has made this song a fans’ favorite . A truly fascinating song in which each element plays an essential role, with a mesmerizing guitar line that remains unaltered by any changes in rhythm, feedback and the introduction of new elements. The way the drums breaks in at 1.34 is really emotion-evoking. Unlike the previously mentioned songs, “Call it a Day” transmits a feeling of willing to escape, of seeking self-isolation trying to find something that feels like already lost or unattainable (“I’m gonna walk away ”).

The backing vocals attain a main role in the chorus, as well as the omnipresence of the arpeggio, this time in a synthesizer, which leaves the guitar in middle-ground.

A song that, along with “Signs of Life”, could very well have been part of DARK’s second album, and that, as its video clip shows, is a perfect choice for listening while on the move, driving at night, for example.

4. Heartbreaker

Having again as a central theme the need to escape and change an inescapable destiny, the fourth track of this EP is undoubtedly the most experimental and electronic of the five jewels that conforms MMXX.

It starts with that haunting arpeggio, this time high-pitched, that loops through to give way to a rhythmic, robotic voice. We also find other types of contrasting sounds and effects from the chorus (it is surprising to hear some clapping, a sound so human and natural in the middle of a sea of ​​electronics), and in the central part of the song (from 1.42 to 2.14), my favorite, in which the guitar is heard in the background and Olé experiments with echoes and different voices. The song ends paradoxically with an endless echo.

5. Nothing compares to you

The EP ends with a melancholic, heartbreaking version of Nothing Compares to you, originally written by Prince and popularised by Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O’Connor. Powerful riffs and percussions that instead of lashing out forcefully, they are heard in a rhythmic and constant way, as if trying to hold a broken soul that no longer has the strength to stand and carry on. A grand finale for an EP that sounds like a channeling very deep feelings, a search for acceptance, a long-awaited inner peace and a halo of hope in times when they are very much needed, but at the same time, keeping in mind that nothing compares to what we once had. 

From this website, we wish, from the bottom of our hearts, that this project carries on and, maybe one day, to have it in physical format, something that will delight music and vinyl lovers, because MMXX is not music to listen to in the background; MMXX invites to introspection and reflection, understanding of our own feelings in order to express them and thus achieve resilience, without losing sight of that light that is still alive and beaming, and that, perhaps, was never really gone. But at the moment, you can play or download these wonderful songs in the link below:




It was 1994. Bands like Nirvana, Green Day, Metallica or Aerosmith, together with pop legends like Madonna, were on top of the world, and music was very present in people’s lives thanks to radio stations, the rising of the videoclip and the appearance of new TV formats like MTV, which made a major impact in our culture. It was commonplace to enjoy the best live performances in TV shows and this is how my first encounter with Dolores and The Cranberries took place.

Zombie changed my life completely – says one of our team members – It is a before and after. It had been a few months since I had received my first guitar and I was learning to play. I was going to high school when one Saturday afternoon on the program Del 40 al 1, I saw the video for Zombie and I was literally speechless. When it finished I said to my sister: this is the group of my life. So it was. Dolores’ voice captivated me, but also the strength of the song, those drums… Thanks to Zombie I was able to learn more about No Need to Argue later on, and to verify that I was right: I was spellbound by each and every one of the tracks. The same thing happened months and years later when I was discovering the first album and then the ones they were releasing. I couldn’t stop listening to them and the waiting between one album and the other without having any news of them, on those no-Internet times, was eternal. I learned English and guitar thanks to Dolores and today this is what I do, I am both a teacher and a musician. I literally owe her who I am. Although I used to like music and English before, she was the one who motivated me and made it even more clear to me what I wanted to do in my life, what I really liked. So thanks to Zombie I met my greatest influence and my guardian angel and since that day of 1994, Zombie has been in my life.

And as for me, it must have been The Cranberries’ performance for Concierto Básico in Los40 that caught my attention that evening. It was 1994, maybe 1995, and I was 5 years old. Dolores’ presence caused a strong, but positive impact to my child eyes. With a shoulder-length bleach blonde wig and red lips, that little lady with the most outstanding looks I had seen happened to have the strongest and most powerful vocals I had ever heard. An image I would never forget, same as I would never forget that song that was stuck in my mind. I could have found it kind of funny, the attractiveness of the unusual, the uncommon… something we were not used to see every day. At my young age, I somehow knew that what I had just witnessed was extraordinary. I would be singing that song in the car for ages, putting emphasis on the “zombie, zombie, zombie” chorus that had grabbed my attention. I didn’t know it, but the most fantastic, passionate and enthusiastic sphere of my life had just begun. Incidentally, 1994 was designated “The International Year of the Family” and never would I find a more suitable expression to describe the bonds I had unconsciously attached to this band and that would change my life forever.

I feel vertigo of looking back and recalling how that little lady with bleach blonde wig and red lips would become such an important part of my life. How she would make me feel the most devoted fan love, would make me start a huge collectiong of CDs, vinyls and all kind of memorabilia, would take me on a few tours around Spain and a few shows abroad for the most wonderful 10 years of my life… I saw her grow up and she saw me grow up, and that tiny little bond we had would change my life for the better forever. It is still strange to think how she made me forget the traumas that would have shaped my character the wrong way hadn’t it been for her influence and presence, her life lessons through her music, her support through the warmest and most comforting hugs that would make all my broken pieces stick back together every time. Sometimes I felt we could read each other’s mind. The day she got her angel wings, my life was irreparably broken.

Today, 18th of April 2020, Dolores’ “Zombie” performed and recorded with The Cranberries has reached views. As described by Dolores’ official Facebook profile “a truly monumental achievement making it one of only a handful of songs from before 2000 and the first ever from an Irish band to achieve a billion views on the channel. It’s a testament to her pure honest creative genius.”

In celebration for this achievement, a new 4k version of the official videos will be uploaded on YouTube.

Click here to view the video:

The fact that this videoclip has reached views makes me hope that maybe, somewhere, a little child is fascinated by Dolores’ outstanding looks and powerful vocals, and maybe, who knows, this changes their life forever.

I can’t help feeling emotionally drained thinking how she would have received this news, although she was never interested in prizes or recognitions. Dolores wrote songs and blessed the world with them as a way of living. Sadly, she is no longer here with us, but I want to emphasise the word “here”, because I know she IS still with us, and is sharing our pride and joy receiving this news… somewhere in between here and heaven.

Hugs to Heaven, Princess.

Dolores O’Riordan Spain Team



This week we have travelled to Limerick, and we couldn’t fail to visit the most fitting tributes that this wonderful city has granted our princess: Her mural at King John’s Castle, and her bench at the renamed Dolores O’Riordan Park in Bruff.

Our first stop was by the mural at King John’s Castle. This stunning piece of art has been created by Aches, an Irish street artist. He has made an impressive RGB style painting by overlaying three separate pictures of Dolores performing at The Troubador in LA, 1993, during The Cranberries’ first North American tour. During the past few weeks, images of its creation process had surfaced the internet through diverse social media, in which we started to envisage the magnitude of this masterpiece. The mural was eventually unveiled on the same day The Cranberries received their first Best Rock Album Grammy nomination for In The End, thus being a striking coincidence that only Dolores would be able to make happen. The technique in this piece of art is truly impressive, you just can’t figure out how somebody could make the red, blue and green images of Dolores coexist in such a perfect harmony, and immense dimensions. Pictures of the mural can give you an idea of how it looks like, but they do not make justice to the real thing at all, or to the emotions it evokes. You really need to go there and check it out!

The second stop of our trip was at Dolores O’Riordan Park (formerly Morning Star Park) in Bruff. This park was the scenery for Barry Egan’s interview to Dolores and her mother Eileen during The Voice of Ireland in 2014, where they discussed about gender equality, feminism, maternity and the hardships of fame from Dolores’ own experience. Dolores’ bench has a plaque in her honour with one of her most inspiring quotes engraved on it (“Always be yourself along the way, living through the spirit of your dreams”), together with a butterfly, which has become an important symbol of her life and memory to many of us.

Both tributes are a poignant reminder of Dolores’ huge impact in the lives of people, as well as her important contribution to music history. They have been affectionately made, keeping it both respectful and humble and breathtaking and immeasurable, as if intending to portray the two sides of Dolores in the most beautiful manner possible.



The Cranberries are celebrating on their socials the 25th anniversary of No Need To Argue with a remastering of their official videos in HD. The first one was the premiere of Zombie live at London Astoria 1994. Before the video was published, Fergal made his appearance in The Cranberries’ official youtube channel live chat, as the band had announced earlier on the day, and confirmed that they are currently working on a No Need To Argue special edition box set, which will be published in early 2020.

According to udiscovermusic.com, prnewswire.com and Cranberries World, the remastered HD versions of The Cranberries music videos that will be released and published exclusively on The Cranberries’ official YouTube channel, will be scheduled as follows:

‘ Ridiculous Thoughts’ on October 4th
‘Ode To My Family’ on October 11th
‘I Can’t Be With You’ on October 18th
‘Linger’ on October 25th
‘Dreams’ on November 1st
‘When You’re Gone’ on November 8th
‘Animal Instinct’ on November 15th
‘Just My Imagination’ on November 22nd
‘Promises’ on November 29th

Our friend and collaborator of Dolores O’Riordan Spain, Javi PM, wanted to share with us a few words that capture perfectly an example of the importance and the great influence that No Need To Argue has exerted on the lives of different generations:

                     To me, No Need To Argue by The Cranberries is not just an ordinary record; it is the album that got my passion for music started, and possibly, it is by far the LP I have heard the most in my life. It was the first album that my father gave to me and I can vividly remember that moment, the emotion it evoked to remove its plastic envelope, to open the booklet that grabbed all my attention to the lyrics and the incredible photographs illustrating it. I also found out that a second CD was included in it, with live versions of some songs not included in this album and that made me want to find out more about them, in the years when it was not so easy to find any information about a music band you liked, because we wouldn’t have the internet. From that time I also remember hearing in the news of the 40 Principales that a woman who had been in a coma in hospital had woken up while “Zombie” sounded on the radio. This album brought the magic, I cannot find a more suitable word than magic because The Cranberries is the band that has always accompanied me along, and I can relate each of their albums to a particular moment in my life. No Need To Argue came out the year I started high school, and I remember many of my classmates would ask me to record it for them into a cassette. I can vividly remember how I asked my father to record the Basic concert of the 40 Principales on a vhs video. I don’t know how many times I watched that tape … in that concert, they played a song that was unpublished at the time “I’m Still Remembering”. Every time they released a new single and a new music video came out, I thought it was even better than the previous one … Many people wouldn’t listen beyond “Zombie” but as “Ode to my family”, “I can’t be with you”, or “Ridiculous Thoughts” were released, I fell more and more in love with The Cranberries’ music. It is the perfect album, there isn’t a song you would rather have it out. Every Saturday morning I listened to them in my room, over and over again, and dreamed of the possibility to see them live one day. With his second album I was too young to go to concerts, but I got tickets for the TTFD tour. This one was canceled, so it was not until they had published their fourth album that I could enjoy a Cranberries’ concert. I know it may sound weird to say that the album of your life is one you had discovered at 14 years old, now being 39 and having heard thousands of records throughout my life, but I cannot say otherwise… that’s the truth.



We have the very first of the many presents that Dolores will receive on her birthday, and we couldn’t be any prouder and happier about it. The Morning Star Park in Bruff, Limerick, is to be re-named Dolores O’Riordan Park in honour of our princess. 

Many of you may remember The Morning Star Park. In 2014, Barry Egan chose this natural environment as the scene for his interview to Dolores and her mother Eileen, where they talked about The Voice of Ireland, including such varied topics as equality, feminism, maternity, the complications of fame from her own experience and her mother’s and the importance of stopping in order to smell the flowers.

The park renaming ceremony will be held on September 6th, on Dolores’ 48th birthday. It will be the first day of the Dreams Festival, which Bruff is preparing on September 6th, 7th and 8th . This festival will be held to celebrate Dolores’ life, and to support local artists, who will be performing on an open air stage, and in five various indoor venues. Its main aim is to bring together communities that are normally isolated, and to celebrate Dolores’memory and legacy.

Festival coordinator Julianne Hennelly has expressed her delight to be part of this project. “Dolores has helped so many of us struggling with depression in Ireland and throughout the world, we want to celebrate her homeland which inspired her art and kind nature.”

While The Cranberries and the O’Riordan family are not involved in the organising of this event, a spokesperson for the band and the family wished the organisers the very best with the festival.

For all this, we feel very proud and this recognition has touched our hearts. This park has witnessed one of the most personal, motivating and human interviews that Dolores has given us, an inspiring example of self-improvement, strength, love for family and the search for personal growth, as well as a little reminder of Dolores’ kindness and generosity. Nobody will ever forget that together with The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan has been one of the most important and acclaimed singers worldwide, and that she has sold more than 40 million albums throughout the world, but what nobody should ever forget, is that she was also an kind soul with a pure, full of generosity heart; a spirit that grew by inspiring and helping others. May every time you visit Dolores O’Riordan Park make you remember her words in that interview. May every time you walk under those trees make you remember the importance of stopping by to smell the flowers.



The recent days have marked a before and an after in the “baking” process of “In The End”, The Cranberries’ final album, and the fears and overwhelming emotion that it brings.

On February 28th, the band unveiled “The Pressure”, a new song that will not be the second single, as Noel himself stated on his instagram account, but that they wanted to share with us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SBcEEUbBjc

At first listening, “The Pressure” may remind us of “So Good” or “Angel Fire”; a song full of poetry and sensitivity where every word is significant, contributing to a whole that evokes positive vibes and light in the darkness. It is always possible to see the bright side of life; even when we are at our worst, all the pressure disappears if we have the love of our beloved ones. A message very much needed for the broken hearted fans of Dolores O’Riordan, still struggling to come to terms with an unbearably painful reality.

This is very much the message The Cranberries wanted to portray in the video for their first single, “All Over Now”, premiered a week later, on March 6th: a young woman escaping from a turmoil situation is scared to see how her life becomes ruins and breaks down at her feet. She runs scared amidst darkness, but finds a light that guides her to what will never fade away: the love of family and comfort at home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1lMxX8doSU&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR06V_RTe-ZdQX2LGp4teYH3Vbs7mc1ipRvF6SAkDTyr0du0CHJWTUGYn6

It’s the work of animator and director Daniel Britt. The band chose animation over having actors in their video, something they had never done before but that everybody has received with gratitude and illusion.

Noel Hogan has also said that there will be a video for the next single, “Wake Me When It’s Over”, and that the record company has proposed a mix of old footage, an idea they don’t find very convincing at the moment. 

As for the band’s future plans: They are certain that they are not going to find another singer or form another band together without Dolores. There will be a 25th anniversary edition of No Need To Argue that might see the light in autumn 2019.

However, they might retake a project they had started with Dolores and that had to be put on hold when they started their last tour: a band documentary. “There’d never been one made about the band, so we started one and did individual interviews, but then we went on tour and forgot about it,” Noel said for Billboard “ Now that the band is actually finished it will have a conclusion.” However, as Noel himself explained, it is not something planned for the near future but in some two years time. 



A very tough week passes by leaving a halo of light and hope to those of us still struggling to come to terms with Dolores’ untimely passing: Today, January 18th 2019, Dolores O’Riordan and her band-mates Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler have been presented with Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Limerick.  

Eileen O’Riordan, Dolores’ mother, attended the ceremony with her family and was presented with a special posthumous Honorary Doctorate of Letters for Dolores. She said Dolores would be so proud to receive such an honour from her hometown “It would mean so much to her. No matter where she travelled or lived, her heart was always in Limerick and would take any opportunity to return and spend time here with her family, friends and band members.” We know well Dolores’ heart belonged in here and it was in the green countryside of Limerick where she felt the happiest and found the peace she was always longing for, where she could disconnect and get lost to find herself, forget for a moment that she was a rockstar and be able to be just “Dolores”.

Noel Hogan said it was a day of “mixed” emotions to return to the UL campus, where they had started in their earliest beginnings. “It’s nearly come full circle, nearing the end of The Cranberries career now and we’re back here under very different circumstances. It feels like 30 years of hard work has brought us to this moment.” 

This Honorary Doctorate was first presented to them about four years ago, and the University had planned to present them with these doctorates in April 2017, but there were band rehearsals and promotional appearances at that time and they were not available to receive the awards. It was not until today that they would have been presented with them, but Dolores was very aware of this recognition. “I remember her (Dolores) telling her brothers who had different degrees that she was going to be more qualified than they were! That was her personality you know, so I think she’d really, really be loving this today.” 

Eileen O’Riordan said Dolores loved Limerick more than anywhere else and that she was very proud of her hometown, but she does not think she ever knew how much she was loved in Limerick. The love and support they have received in the form of tributes of all kinds have been a great comfort for the family in such trying times. “I just wish she was here but I’d say she is here with us today in spirit,” she added. 

Fergal’s award was accepted by Noel on his behalf as he was unable to attend the ceremony this Friday.

News like this are received with an overwhelming emotion. Still shocked in disbelief and emotionally drained, it is the eternal love we feel for Dolores was help us keep going. Seeing our princess get the recognition she so well deserves, the great impact she had on so many people’s lives and how fondly she is remembered by many is a huge relief in times when it is much needed.

You can watch a very emotional video with of the ceremony on the link below:

The Cranberries conferred with Honorary Doctorates from UL

VIDEO: "She would have gotten a real kick out of this" – Noel Hogan, The CranberriesUniversity of Limerick today conferred Honorary Doctorates of Letters on the band members of Limerick rock band The Cranberries.

Publicada por University of Limerick en Viernes, 18 de enero de 2019




It has been a year since Dolores’ untimely passing and the city of Limerick, like the whole world, is still struck in shock and sadness. Tributes by all kinds, from covers of her most iconic songs to special events and even plans of a permanent memorial have surfaced the media in these hard days.

Organised by Mark O’Connor, Ennis Road, Stefania Bardi and Limerick City and County Council, Piano for Dolores took place in Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick Street, Limerick, as a way to remember Dolores through her music in an intimate, familiar atmosphere where guests could gather to share their memories of her and The Cranberries.

There was a piano presiding the room, that people were invited to perform some of The Cranberries’ classic songs. The room was adorned with pictures and drawings of Dolores and The Cranberries, daffodils, lyrics and a signing book for guests. Videos of the Cranberries performing were projected on the walls, allowing guests to keep Dolores very present in such a special occasion.

Further plans:

There are also several ideas to honour Dolores with a permanent memorial in her home city of Limerick.

Eileen O’Riordan, Dolores’ mother, says she would like a life-sized statue, because statues are forever “It will be there when we are all gone”.

The metropolitan mayor Daniel Butler’s idea is to name the city’s new civic square at Project Opera in honour of Dolores. The public square at the heart of the site will be used as a civic space outside the city’s new library, providing a space for gigs and other artistic events. With the University of Limerick (UL) also expected to locate its city centre campus there, it will become a hub for young people.

With talks set to commence on how to recognise Dolores in the most appropriate manner, Cllr Butler is also suggesting an engraved replica of the iconic sofa used on the The Cranberries’ album covers in the new square, which will be the beating heart of the city’s newest district.





A special anniversary Mass was held for Dolores today, 13th of January at 11am, at St Ailbe’s Church in Ballybricken, Limerick. It’s the first of two masses that will be celebrated marking the first year of her untimely passing, the next one to take place next Sunday 20th of January. Family, fans from all over the world and band members Mike and Noel Hogan and Fergal Lawler were there to pay their respects to Dolores, and to accompany Dolores’ family at such a difficult time. Prayers were offered up for Dolores’ children.

“We pray today for the repose of the soul of Dolores and we must also keep in our prayers Taylor, Molly and Dakota, Dolores’ children, for whom this time is also a difficult one. May the risen Christ continue to support them in their grief and in their lives,” said Fr James Walton, PP of Ballybricken and Bohermore who concelebrated the Mass with Brother Anthony Keane of Glenstal Abbey. At the chuch bell, this inscription could be seen, donated by Dolores’ children.

(Picture by Joseph Carroll)

Dolores’ mother, Eileen O’Riordan, Dolores’ mother, Eileen O’Riordan, arrived early at the church. He brought daffodils, so symbolic of Ireland, so symbolic for fans of The Cranberries and so rare to see at this time of the year (daffodils are not usually seen until late February or early March). But there they were, fresh, beautiful and splendid today, January 13th, as if brought untimely by the hand of an angel to remind all of us mourning her with our torn broken hearts that thunder and lightning won’t change what we’re feeling, but the Daffodils looked lovely today.

She made sure everything was perfect for the anniversary Mass. Eileen is the Eucharistic Minister, reader, singer and sacristan at the church and she sang a number of hymns accompanied by Dolores’ niece Katie.

Fr Walton remarked that the parish of Ballybricken was the only one to have no village and no nameplate, and that it is difficult to find on a roadmap. Yet, “hundreds of people have been visiting this church to pray for Dolores and also making their way to Caherelly Cemetery, now a place of pilgrimage for her devoted fans, to pay their respects to her, and to leave there a memento of their visit.” Our princess’ graveside has become a musical shrine, decorated with all kinds of presents left by fans, including beautiful fresh flowers, guitars, stuffed animals, cards, photographs, and personal messages. Fr Walton described how Dolores’ life had brought “joy and solace and inspiration to the lives of so many people and continues to do so”. He explained how Dolores’ voice and her music was “a gift to her native county of Limerick and to the world.”

“Dolores was a force of nature. Her rise to stardom gave a huge amount of belief to young people at that time. It was reflected in the belief of the Limerick hurling team to win the All-Ireland final last year after 45 years. That belief can also be epitomised in the song Dreams, the unofficial anthem of Limerick hurling, in the words, And they’ll come true, Impossible not to do.”

“I know the past year has been tough for the O’Riordan family in coming to terms in dealing with the untimely death of a beloved daughter and beloved sister, of coming to the realisation that she is not coming back,” Fr Walton said.“And so, the words of another Cranberries song… ‘Hold on to love’…so hold onto your memories of Dolores, hold onto your beliefs and dreams as she did.” “Hold onto the inspiration, the joy, solace and empathy, that her voice, her music, and her life’s story has brought to so many.”

The anniversary Mass ended in a round of applause on the closing note of May the Road Rise to Meet You which was sung beautifully by Dolores’ niece Katie.

Sources: https://www.limerickleader.ie/news/home/357558/prayers-offered-up-for-children-of-dolores-o-riordan-at-anniversary-mass-in-limerick.html?fbclid=IwAR2CPVr7wFfbXFhuN2_wPvzwRPz2unR8SOf1vElbdQWKZv6lLGiXDT4TxA0







Sometimes, some awesome news keep coming our way, and this just comes to demonstrate that our princess’ legacy lives on. Dolores O’Riordan is Number 1 at the all-time top female artists of Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart.

The previous week, Billboard‘s Alternative Songs Chart have celebrated their 30th anniversary, and although the list tends to be heavily male-dominated, they have found out that women have also contributed an important piece of music history on this ranking. Thus, Billboard’s number one is our all-times and in all-ways Number 1:

“Thanks to her eight entries on the chart, including a pair of No. 1s as the frontwoman for The Cranberries, the late Dolores O’Riordan rules as the chart’s all-time top female artist (encompassing soloists, group frontwomen and women in duos). The band also lands both of its No. 1s on the weekly survey on the all-time top 300 Alternative Songs recap: “Zombie,” at No. 39, thanks to its six-week run at No. 1 in 1994, and “Salvation,” at No. 280, after ruling the chart for four weeks in 1996.”

Some other female artists on this list are Sinéad O’Connor at No.17, Meg White (The White Stripes), who ranks at No. 2, Shirley Manson (Garbage) at No.4, and Alanis Morissette is the top solo woman on the list, at No. 5.

A very well deserved recognition that comes as a little relief to soothe our broken hearts and to make us feel even prouder (as if that was possible) of our little girl.

You can check the list below: