An update on Dolores’ projects apart from The Cranberries and D.A.R.K.

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As you may remember, back in 2014, producer Eric Alexandrakis hinted us about Dolores O’Riordan’s upcoming solo projects in a kind of riddle that nobody seemed to guess… and that is about to see the light now!

One of these projects was “La Fine”, a song Dolores recorded with Eric Alexandrakis for Electrons, of which we previously showed you a little teaser and that, as Alexandrakis wrote just a few days ago, might see the light in the upcoming days:

"La Fine" [Viva La Apocalypse Mix]. Drums: Steve Ferrone. Everything Else: Eric Alexandrakis

A video posted by ERIC ALEXANDRAKIS (@esgalexandrakis) on

But hold on, cause there is still much more to come! Another one of the projects was Dolores’ collaboration in Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack for Italian thriller Evilenko, a horror movie about a school teacher who reacts psychotically to the fall of the Soviet Union by killing and cannibalizing women and children. Now we have come up to the news that Minus Habens Records is set to release a red vinyl edition of this soundtrack, that will be published in February 2017.

Let’s remember Dolores already collaborated with Badalamenti for the song “The Butterfly”, demonstrating how good her vocals connect to Badalamenti’s musical creation. Another proof of this can be seen in D.A.R.K.’s “The Moon”, whose guitar riffs clearly show some reminiscence of Badalamenti’s influence. With such precedents, it is not difficult to imagine that magic and evasion of our senses towards a musical ecstasy are guaranteed!


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