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Our friends from Cranberries World found out the way of listening to all previews of D.A.R.K. so acclaimed upcoming album, “Science Agrees”, expected to see the light next August. As Cranberries World would explain on their website:

“If you wanna listen to the other 4 samples that are not officially online yet, you can force them to appear. Simply change the number of the song in the address bar of your internet browser and let the magic happen, all songs appear!!”


“Science Agrees” promises to be a very interesting combination of new sounds and different styles and personalities, where synthesisers acquire a notorious prominence, not without distinctive guitars riffs and the most outstanding voice adapting perfectly to the needs and styles of each of the tracks. A renewal of everything we have seen or heard before but with an essence that sounds familiar in its uniqueness.

Today we have had the pleasure to listen to “Chynamite”, where Dolores incredible voice is exposed with no other vocal accompaniment and that could perfectly fit as a bonus track in “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee”; the catchy “Watch Out”, the psychedelic “Miles Away” and “Underwater”, one of the tracks in which synthesisers and electronic drums acquire the greatest importance.

To these four jewels we should also add the enchanting mixture of melancholy and catchy rhythm in “Steal You Away”, the chaotic originality of “The Moon”, “High Fashion” and that punk turn of “Gunfight”, songs of which we showed you their previews last week. Together with the energetic rhythms of “Curvy” and the psychedelic delicacy of “Loosen The Noose”, we have no doubts that we are talking of an absolute masterpiece when talking about “Science Agrees”.

Source: Cranberries World and Shazam