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The Cranberries are celebrating on their socials the 25th anniversary of No Need To Argue with a remastering of their official videos in HD. The first one was the premiere of Zombie live at London Astoria 1994. Before the video was published, Fergal made his appearance in The Cranberries’ official youtube channel live chat, as the band had announced earlier on the day, and confirmed that they are currently working on a No Need To Argue special edition box set, which will be published in early 2020.

According to udiscovermusic.com, prnewswire.com and Cranberries World, the remastered HD versions of The Cranberries music videos that will be released and published exclusively on The Cranberries’ official YouTube channel, will be scheduled as follows:

‘ Ridiculous Thoughts’ on October 4th
‘Ode To My Family’ on October 11th
‘I Can’t Be With You’ on October 18th
‘Linger’ on October 25th
‘Dreams’ on November 1st
‘When You’re Gone’ on November 8th
‘Animal Instinct’ on November 15th
‘Just My Imagination’ on November 22nd
‘Promises’ on November 29th

Our friend and collaborator of Dolores O’Riordan Spain, Javi PM, wanted to share with us a few words that capture perfectly an example of the importance and the great influence that No Need To Argue has exerted on the lives of different generations:

                     To me, No Need To Argue by The Cranberries is not just an ordinary record; it is the album that got my passion for music started, and possibly, it is by far the LP I have heard the most in my life. It was the first album that my father gave to me and I can vividly remember that moment, the emotion it evoked to remove its plastic envelope, to open the booklet that grabbed all my attention to the lyrics and the incredible photographs illustrating it. I also found out that a second CD was included in it, with live versions of some songs not included in this album and that made me want to find out more about them, in the years when it was not so easy to find any information about a music band you liked, because we wouldn’t have the internet. From that time I also remember hearing in the news of the 40 Principales that a woman who had been in a coma in hospital had woken up while “Zombie” sounded on the radio. This album brought the magic, I cannot find a more suitable word than magic because The Cranberries is the band that has always accompanied me along, and I can relate each of their albums to a particular moment in my life. No Need To Argue came out the year I started high school, and I remember many of my classmates would ask me to record it for them into a cassette. I can vividly remember how I asked my father to record the Basic concert of the 40 Principales on a vhs video. I don’t know how many times I watched that tape … in that concert, they played a song that was unpublished at the time “I’m Still Remembering”. Every time they released a new single and a new music video came out, I thought it was even better than the previous one … Many people wouldn’t listen beyond “Zombie” but as “Ode to my family”, “I can’t be with you”, or “Ridiculous Thoughts” were released, I fell more and more in love with The Cranberries’ music. It is the perfect album, there isn’t a song you would rather have it out. Every Saturday morning I listened to them in my room, over and over again, and dreamed of the possibility to see them live one day. With his second album I was too young to go to concerts, but I got tickets for the TTFD tour. This one was canceled, so it was not until they had published their fourth album that I could enjoy a Cranberries’ concert. I know it may sound weird to say that the album of your life is one you had discovered at 14 years old, now being 39 and having heard thousands of records throughout my life, but I cannot say otherwise… that’s the truth.