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The Cranberries do not waste their precious time. During their stay in Cancun for the three concerts at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resorts on February 10th, 11th and 12th, the band has been photographed for their new album and they have offered a press conference in which they have given some details about it.

We still have no title for the eighth album of the Irish quartet, of which we know it will be an acoustic album together with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, in which they will bring their greatest classics together with three brand-new songs. The album has just been recorded and although the single has not yet been decided, Dolores thinks it could be the song “Why”, for which a video clip will also be recorded once they have returned to Europe.

In addition, The Cranberries were seen in Puerto Morelo, where they were doing a photo shoot from which fortunately we have a picture taken by César Enrique Vera.


As Dolores would explain during the concert, a photo of that session will be used for the album cover.

Dolores has also talked about how she incorporates her own experiences, reflections and emotions into her lyrics and how these reflections help her to move forward.

There is no doubt that this album brings together all the components to make us enjoy, feel and relive, bringing back old memories from the best moments of our lives where the nostalgia of a glorious past will hold hands with the optimistic vision of a promising future.