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The Cranberries have matured musically, but also in the personal level. Two weeks before the publication of Something Else, the band has traveled to New York, where they have granted several interviews for the American press media. Back in Ireland, they have been talking to the Irish Times.

We go back to April 5th: The Cranberries arrived in New York and gave an interview for SiriusXM. In a disgruntled and even joking tone, Dolores tells how the idea of ​​Something Else came about, following her reunion with The Cranberries for their performance in The Bachelorette in 2015. To this album there were two new songs added: “Rupture” and “Why”, that Dolores had written two and a half years ago, and that she decided to “hand them over” to the band. “The Glory” was written by The Cranberries just six months ago, while recording and rehearsing with the string quartet in Ireland.

One of the most interesting things The Cranberries have shared in these recent interviews is how touring gives them time to spend together, in which they end up composing new material in an almost natural manner, something that is more difficult for them to do separately. They confess that this was one of the main intentions to publish this new album and to organise the tour. Dolores admits that as they grow older it is a little harder to get on stage almost every night, or to decide if something she has written is new enough, but she believes in the importance of going on tour and trying new things; to work flat out and overcome her barriers and shyness, because this is how, she thinks, things are achieved.

They have also shared their experiences as a band for the Irish Times Culture, something they compare to a roller coaster: from their beginning to suddenly reaching the top charts during the 90’s; of how health made them put their feet back on the ground and other projects emerged during the band’s stand-by periods. They confess their own perception of The Cranberries as the most solid thing they have done, and they feel lucky for what they have achieved, for having been able to live on music and above all, they are grateful to see how the public still awaits for them. They do not miss the opportunity to talk about their near future plans: After Something Else, perceived by the group as an intermediate step between the previous and the new material, there will come a new album. Noel talks about how his friendship with Dolores is better than ever. They have had ups and downs, as it happens in all bands, sometimes due to lack of communication, misunderstanding or outside forces getting involved. However, when they sit down to talk, it is as if nothing had happened. Noel compares his relationship with Dolores as siblings. Now they talk every other day, and their friendship is healthier than ever. As for success, Dolores is calm and optimistic; she wants to record new material but she does not expect to experience the same success as they did back in the 90s. Nor that she feels she needs it. Now they are older and have other priorities; Success and fame do not longer concern her. Cyril Connolly said: Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” Perhaps this is the key to success: to be happy with what you do without expecting what you do to be the thing that makes you happy.