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As we announced in our social networks, D.A.R.K.’s European Tour is cancelled due to the bulging disc Dolores is suffering, which already forced her to cancel The Cranberries’ concert in Landerneau, France ( August 13th ) and the three concerts Cancun, rescheduled for February 10th, 11th and 12th 2017 .

From this site, we are deeply sorry about what has happened; First and foremost, because seeing our girl suffer breaks our hearts, and secondly, because we are fans too. We have lost our money and, even worse, many dreams too. We were very much looking forward to this tour. Therefore, we know and understand that the situation may be lamented, but it could also be endured… We propose a little game for you:

 1) Choose your favorite song from “Science Agrees”.

2) Imagine that song was the next single and design a cover for it.

Covers can be drawings, photographs, paintings, digital illustrations, compositions… You can use any kind of materials, Photoshop and other programs or applications, even leaves of trees or seashells as our beloved Dolores does! Originality is rewarded. All designs will be uploaded to our social networks and other fans can vote on their favourites. The designer of the best cover will be able to choose between a CD of “Science Agrees” signed by Dolores, Olé and Andy, or the vinyl edition of “Science Agrees”. The creator of the second best design will receive the second prize. You have the entire month of September to design and submit your covers. “Science Agrees” is a masterpiece, a commitment to creativity and originality where styles as varied as electronica, new wave and indie rock intertwine with the masterly bass tracks of Andy Rourke and the unique voice of Dolores O’Riordan; an album in which love and rebirth find their way across dark and stormy memories. An ode to the celebration of happiness integrated into that Romantic vision of tempus fugit and other human concerns. A project which is too beautiful not to be enjoyed. Dear Dolores, from Dolores O’Riordan Spain, we wish you a speedy recovery. Do not feel guilty; No tour is worth more than your health. We love you and your wellbeing is our priority.