Dear fans throughout the world…

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Dear fans throughout the world

During these insanely painful months we have seen beautiful tributes of all kinds dedicated to our angel, which has warmed our hearts. It is time for us to do ours. We want to remind the world how special a human being Dolores was, what she did for us, and why we know she is an angel now.

Like you know, we have called out for you every year since 2007 to make Dolores a special video on her birthday, September 6th. This year things are so different and the world, itself, doesn’t make any sense, but Dolores had a birthday video every year, and we have to start biting the bullets because it would be disrespectful, as much as cruel, not to do anything for her this year. It cannot be a birthday video anymore, but Dolores will have a special tribute in which we would like everyone to participate.

If you want to take part it, send your favourite memory with Dolores. Preferably, your picture with her, but if you haven’t got any, you can send a picture of yourself that shows that you love her (it can be a picture you were taken at a concert, or with a promotional poster, with your CDs or merchandising, etc.). If you want, you can also add to your memory an answer to this question: Why is Dolores special to you? Be concise; an image is worth a thousand words. Send everything to: doloresoriordanfanclub@gmail.com before August 15th.

We hope you will all participate and send all your love to our princess.

Thank you very much

Dolores O’Riordan Spain & FanClub