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As we have been telling you on our social networks, The Cranberries tour is cancelled, from June 10th to August 30th.

The second fortnight of June arrived, and the joy that Dolores’s medical leave came to an end was interrupted by the increasing concern about the lack of news on the part of the band. Last night we got the news that we were all afraid of by Opus One, the official Swiss promoter: The Cranberries tour was cancelled, from June 10th to August 30th. Given the uncertainty and due to the lack of an official announcement on the part of the band, apart from Noel Hogan’s trip to Milan these days, many fans asked for the veracity of this news, obtaining a reassuring answer that the concerts would go on as planned, by both the Italian venues and the official website of The Cranberries.

However, today we were confirmed, from official sources to this website, that the press note ready to be published next Monday would be released this evening, at 9pm UK time. And the news was thus confirmed: the whole European tour is cancelled, although the American tour in September will go on as planned. There is only one bright side in this, and it is that Dolores is making progress, so that the reason for the cancellation is to give her time to continue her recovery. This is how it ends, at least for the moment, the Something Else tour, and with it, all the dreams and wishes we had put into it, but if this is the price to pay for Dolores’ complete recovery, then we are willing to pay it.

From this website we wish you, dear Dolores, that the pain will disappear and that you will recover that strength so typical in you; that your smile will be back to your little fairy face, and that your eyes will recover that shine they have when full of emotion; we hope that you will enjoy your performances as much as you make us enjoy them, and that you will feel the love and support we are sending you in these hard times, because you deserve all the love and fondness you always give everyone; We hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that every pore in your skin will emanate happiness again, because it is this, and not the shows, what we miss the most. “We will wait for you”, whenever you are ready to be back on stage.