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This week we have travelled to Limerick, and we couldn’t fail to visit the most fitting tributes that this wonderful city has granted our princess: Her mural at King John’s Castle, and her bench at the renamed Dolores O’Riordan Park in Bruff.

Our first stop was by the mural at King John’s Castle. This stunning piece of art has been created by Aches, an Irish street artist. He has made an impressive RGB style painting by overlaying three separate pictures of Dolores performing at The Troubador in LA, 1993, during The Cranberries’ first North American tour. During the past few weeks, images of its creation process had surfaced the internet through diverse social media, in which we started to envisage the magnitude of this masterpiece. The mural was eventually unveiled on the same day The Cranberries received their first Best Rock Album Grammy nomination for In The End, thus being a striking coincidence that only Dolores would be able to make happen. The technique in this piece of art is truly impressive, you just can’t figure out how somebody could make the red, blue and green images of Dolores coexist in such a perfect harmony, and immense dimensions. Pictures of the mural can give you an idea of how it looks like, but they do not make justice to the real thing at all, or to the emotions it evokes. You really need to go there and check it out!

The second stop of our trip was at Dolores O’Riordan Park (formerly Morning Star Park) in Bruff. This park was the scenery for Barry Egan’s interview to Dolores and her mother Eileen during The Voice of Ireland in 2014, where they discussed about gender equality, feminism, maternity and the hardships of fame from Dolores’ own experience. Dolores’ bench has a plaque in her honour with one of her most inspiring quotes engraved on it (“Always be yourself along the way, living through the spirit of your dreams”), together with a butterfly, which has become an important symbol of her life and memory to many of us.

Both tributes are a poignant reminder of Dolores’ huge impact in the lives of people, as well as her important contribution to music history. They have been affectionately made, keeping it both respectful and humble and breathtaking and immeasurable, as if intending to portray the two sides of Dolores in the most beautiful manner possible.