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If there’s something Science should agree is on the fact that we are facing one of the most interesting music proposals that have appeared in recent years. D.A.R.K., the musical group formed by Dolores O’Riordan with Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and Olé Koretsky, has proven to be up to the expectations of a music industry that appears to be increasingly demanding and more and more dehumanized.

As D.A.R.K. members would discuss on previous interviews, “Science Agrees” offers a chaotic harmony that finds the perfect balance between styles as varied as electronica, new wave, alternative rock and the shoegaze of the 80s, and influences such as Joy Division, New Order or David Bowie, perfectly mixed with the demands of the musical trends of the century. This originality is one of the most remarkable features of the extraordinary creativity of D.A.R.K.’s members:

“Science Agrees” mainly meets a wide variety of electronic-based rhythms in which synthesizers, electronic drums and vocal distortion acquire a remarkable relevance. Examples of this are the psychedelic “Miles Away” (which may remind us of Crystal Castles) or the chilling “Underwater”. Other tracks, such as “Chynamite” show a more indie-like influence, folk rock and a Celtic touch, Dolores’ unmistakable hallmarks. At an intermediate point between electronic rhythms and indie rock, one can find other tunes in which, in addition to the electronic bases, melodic guitars and drums take on greater prominence, such as “Curvy”, “Steal You Away” the chaotic “The Moon” or “Gunfight”, which introduces an interesting touch of the 80’s punk.

Lyrics deal mostly with the process of finding light in the dark: the theme of death and its equalizing power, present in the bleak “Underwater” or the melancholic “Steal You Away” contrasts with the rebirth of ” Curvy “; the disillusionment and loss of faith in “Gunfight” opposes the oneiric delirium of “Miles Away” or that understanding we can only find in true love, as in “Loosen The Noose” and “High Fashion”.

It should be noted the outstanding quality and vocal versatility of Dolores, who adapts her voice to the style and personality of each of the songs of “Science Agrees”: from the wrath and nonconformity of “Gunfight” to the soothing whispers of “Curvy” or an almost childlike sweetness in “Steal You Away”; introducing treble and unusual techniques such as vocal hiccus, without leaving behind her so distinctive Celtic Yodels as can be seen in the bewitching “Watch out”. Koretsky also makes an excellent display of vocal quality, especially in “Loosen The Noose” or “Steal You Away”, where his technique may share some reminiscences with the singers from those bands of the 80 that have influenced him.

“Science Agrees” is D.A.R.K.’s commitment to innovation in a demanding music industry where creativity and talent are constantly tested; an album in which duality plays an essential role: electronic beats and melodic guitars create the perfect atmosphere to dance and celebrate happiness while its melancholic lyrics invite to reflection in solitude; an ode to life and rebirth that does not prevent concerns about the transience of time and the arrival of death; the sense of liberation after the oppression of a stormy situation; a small halo of light that makes its way in the dark.

On September 9 we will be able to enjoy what promises to be one of the most interesting music proposals in recent times. Pre-order is now available at Pledge Music: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/dark-science-agrees